28 June 2007

And ze winner izz

Creative Zen Vision M, my new baby.

I'm still in the process of equipping Zen. I didn't realize that it's such a tedious thing to be anal and extremely organized. I'm so tempted to load everything on my laptop as they are but I know I'll regret it in the future.

So on to labeling, reloading and God knows what. This was one happy purchase. I need happiness.

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25 June 2007


Giddy. Smiling. Mush.

Falling? Uh oh...

Serious? I don't know.

Surreal and unrealistic. Definitely.

I don't know what to do.

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20 June 2007



Celebrate the moments when you can't help but sing with Walang Ibang Hangad: An All A Cappella Concert at 6 PM on July 8 and 15 at the Francisco Santiago Hall, Equitable PCI Bank Tower 1, Makati Ave. cor Dela Costa St., Makati City. Tickets will be available at the gate for P150 each.

Walang Ibang Hangad will feature songs from three of Hangad's five albums, such as "Magnificat" and "Paghahandog"; existing arrangements including "Man in the Mirror" and "People Get Ready"; and new and original arrangements of "Hawak-Kamay", "Power of Your Love", "You Raise Me Up", and "I Will Sing Forever."

For more information, visit www.hangad.com or contact mail@hangad.com

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18 June 2007

Me Wantz Itz

Creative Zen Vision M vs iPOD Nano 8gig Red special edition

Decisions, decisions. Pretty petty ones to make, but still, decisions nonetheless.

They're both retailing at the same price. If you look at it practically, there's no decision to make. Zen Vision M is the winner. With 30gig capacity, video capability, FM radio enabled etc., it's one mean mp3 player. I've read rave reviews about it and I've always been convinced that should I buy an mp3 player, I'd surely go for this. No questions asked.

Till the day I saw the red special edition of the iPOD nano. Sure it's only 8gig compared to 30. Sure it only plays mp3 and wav and stores photos. But. It. Is. So. Damn. Pretty! The mere sight of it makes me salivate. My inner Gollum is threatening to be unleashed.

The iPOD nano red is part of the Product Red campaign of Bono. I am extremely bothered though, that only $10 from the $304 (peso cost converted) that I'd spend will go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. Seriously, would my $10 even make a difference?

We're talking aesthetics here. I'm being honest and admitting that pure aesthetics is the real issue. Functionality versus visual appeal. Which path do I take?

Then there's another decision, should I go for the 30 gig or the 60 gig? Enough now, enough. That's something I have to think about after I get through the first hurdle.


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12 June 2007

Pancake Ritual

I’ve always had my own unique way of eating pancakes. I’ve discovered that a lot of people also have their own.

My take. And this applies to my all time favorite, McDonald’s two piece pancakes. Spread butter then strawberry jam on one pancake, place the second pancake on top of the first pancake and proceed to spread butter and strawberry jam on top of the second one. Pour the lovely golden sweetness (channeling Nigella?) of the maple syrup and let it ooze. I normally slice the pancakes into strips, then into cubes before I eat it. Usually, my friends are already half done with theirs before I even begin to eat.

I’ve been having a lot of pancakes these days at McDonalds and have observed how other people eat theirs.

This guy who sat on the table in front of me eats his pancakes very differently that I think I kind of freaked him out because I couldn’t stop looking. He spreads butter on one pancake then swirls the maple syrup on it. And I mean swirl! I could see the swirl from my table. He starts swirling from the center to the outer corners. Then he slices a strip, rolls that strip and then eats it. Talk about art attack on food.

Others are not too fussy about it. Spread butter, pour syrup, slice, eat. Simple, sweet.

Ceia if I remember correctly, puts one pancake on top of the other. Then lifts the top pancake so she can spread butter underneath. Then pours the syrup in sections, slices half of the pancake in strips, then in cubes. Did I get it right?

Leigh's way is similar to mine with the exception of the last step. She slices her pancakes like a pizza instead of slicing them into cubes.

What’s your pancake ritual?

*photo courtesy of iirraa at flickr.com

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06 June 2007

Food Glorious Food

More on Baguio. Food shots (inspired by numerous food blog sites) that I took during the weekend out of town.

Gotohan sa may Session Road
Goto Queen for only 35 pesos
Just what you need on a cold early morning stroll. It's the warm soup that does it, not necessarily the taste.

Solibao claims to have the best puto bumbong. They have every right to brag.
It's the best I've ever tasted. The muscovado sugar sprinkled generously makes all difference.

What lies underneath is Rito's famous bulalo. One order of less than P150 is more than enough for four.
But it's best to consume it all really fast before the cold weather turns the soup to lard.

Only in Baguio Starbucks, fruit tart topped with strawberries

the P95 peso T-bone steak at Sizzling Plate, Session Road
It looks nice but it was extremely hard to eat. The meat was too tough and my hands hurt from struggling to slice it.
I know I have a weak grip but it doesn't have to be that hard to eat a T-bone steak, does it?

grilled chicken salad at Zola, Session Road
best buy for only P50+

lovely cappuccino foam
it was fun to watch the foam slowly swallowing the brown sugar

funnel cake madness
My friends had two servings, I was happy with my cappuccino.

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05 June 2007

Visual DNA

This is cool... Check it out for yourself.


My results

Read my VisualDNA Get your own VisualDNA™

Mood: sofisticat
has a taste for the exotic
likes to kick back
has a good eye and some knowledge on art (although I sometimes pretend to know... faker),
experimental (very experimental I might add) and a little unconventional
music is the soundtrack to my world (which is true)
likes to unwind and switch off, a break from reality (not like, LOVE!)
care about my physical appearance

Fun: Escape Artist (title pa lang, totoo na)
I consider life exhausting and can never seem to get enough rest... I need my rest!
likes to indulge in great passions (of which I can't seem to think of right now)
happy spending time alone (very happy)
drive and curiosity will take me all over the world
loves to explore and immerse in another culture during holidays (tell me about it, if I was given a week, I would've discovered everything there is to Singapore)
always on the go and take on as much as I can

Habits: Back to Basics
treasure your possessions
looking fresh is standard
if i look good, i feel better (true, dem... vanity)
Caffeine - need an extra kick to get going, and where would i be without it?
have a very contemporary taste for home styles, simple approach

Love: Love Bug
long tern commitment, devotion and tenderness
think of living for the here and now
fearless and takes on any opportunity given to you (hmmmm... really? sometimes i feel like a coward)

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04 June 2007


I'm tired of posting rants. I will try as much as possible to focus on the good things in life now no matter how bleak things may seem. One of them, my recent trip to Baguio with friends. Some photos I took during the three day vacation.

flowers at Burnham Park, they're just growing like weeds

glass chimes at PNKY Bed and Breakfast
This and all the furniture they have are all for sale.

the people at PNKY change the flowers everyday
It's such a nice treat to wake up seeing these in the morning.

fresh strawberries at the Baguio market are so photogenic
Never mind that they're P100 more expensive today than they were yesterday because of the rain, heart breaking fact that my friends had to accept to bring home these lovelies

the not so photogenic veggies, or is it just my jittery hands?
But the veggies are cheap. If i didn't mind hauling two bayong bags back to Manila, I'd buy kilos and kilos of all sorts of veggies that are expensive in the city.

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03 June 2007

Break Ups

Break ups are messy. They suck the life out of the breakees. A lot of break ups are happening all at once. Is this break up season? I want to hug my friends and somehow transfer all my good energies to make them feel better. But anything I say is not enough to mask the pain. It's hard to make them see beyond the now. I wish we didn't have to go thru these things but that's life, we rise and fall.

Which brings me to question... Is love worth the pain? Is "It's better to have loved, than to not have loved at all." just pure baloney? For someone who has never been in love, I'd risk it and say yes, maybe it's worth it. But coming from an objective point of view, it's still best to be selfish, to leave some love for yourself and not go all out.

Cei told me before, and I still have that message with me, "promise me that you won't forget yourself, that you won't give everything that you are to that one person." I think this is the hardest thing to do. We forget to leave some for ourselves because we're so hung over love. And when love does end, we don't know where to start going back to our old selves because we've been lost in love.

Time heals all wounds no matter how painful. No matter how dark the future seems, life has a way of working out. We get better. We don't forget, but we move on. We must.

Orange Git at 12:55 AM