08 November 2007

Net Freak

When I go online, I...

log on to Yahoo Messenger, even if there's no one to talk to I'm there
check Gmail, keep the window open for Gtalk and any incoming emails
check Yahoo mail
check Statcounter statistics... self-confessed stalker!
check Multiply posts of friends, comment, write and post occasionally, pirate music ;)
log on to Facebook, my new toy... ang kulit kulit!
occasionally log on to Friendster and check messages, Friendster is so last season
go to Google reader, read new posts from my 49 feeds and keep coming back for new feeds

Now tell me, when do I possibly come up for air after all of this? A day without net access and I feel so out of touch. I'm a freak. Oh yes I am.

Orange Git at 2:48 PM



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