25 October 2007

Mulitply It!

Glorietta has been poisoned for me. I think what scares me the most is the fact that my parents were a few feet from the explosion last Friday. So despite having really bad window shopping urges, I am staying away until it doesn't bother me to go there anymore.

My mom told me that finally I can stop shopping... Oh how wrong she was. I've discovered a new shopping haven and I don't have to go to the mall. Enter Multiply. I was floored at the amount of stuff on sale online. From accessories, clothes, shoes, bags, gadgets, condo units even... I've spent whole afternoons just browsing multiply sites and I still haven't seen all of them. It's evil.. Pure evil.

To date, I've only officially bought one item which were my gold jelly flats. But I have also ordered accessories (as gifts, promise) and a bag. I've placed an order for something I can give for Christmas but haven't heard from the owner yet. I've done countless inquiries and I'm still contemplating if I should get the other items I checked out. Seriously, I never thought "yes, it's still available" could be such a devilish statement.

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