30 April 2007

Cooky Monday

You are in the middle of a very slow, very mundane Monday. You don’t care if your officemates see you watching Bollywood news on Youtube. Anything to wake you up.

You suddenly remember that you lost one document and need to go on a mad search for it. At last! Menial, brainless work! Perfect for an afternoon of procrastination. You stand up, start rummaging through your mountain of papers and start looking busy. Then your officemate says you have a phone call. Who the hell would be calling when you’re finally doing “work”?

You say hello, took you two seconds to figure out who that droning, moping voice at the other end of the line comes from. Yes, that insufferable excuse for a man.

You: Why did you call? (Get lost.)
Him: I’m bored. (And this is my problem?) What’s new?
You: Nothing. (Like I would tell you)
Him: So what’s new? (This used to be cute, turned to tolerable, now it’s just annoying)
You: Nothing! I’m looking for something ok. You interrupted me. (GET LOST!)
Him: What are you looking for? Maybe I know. (slimeball! Eeeewwwerr!)
You: *deadpan tone* As if…
Him: Why are you still pretending to work? You only have a month left there. (if you could put your hands through the phone, you would’ve taken all his hair out by now)
You: Two months. (Why do you even bother to answer?! Why?!)
Him: So when are you treating me? (the gall!)
You: No more treats. I need to save up. Besides, you bought a new gadget. You have more money.
Him: I did? I bought something new? I told you? When?
You: gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… (at this point you really want to hang up, hell you should’ve hung up when he said he’s bored?! What’s wrong with you?!)
Him: You’re so cranky. You’re no fun to talk to. Good thing I still call you and talk to you. Better if I just call someone else. (he should be thankful he’s far far away for me to do any physical damage, but then witchcraft transcends distance.. hmmmm…)
You: Fine. Go pester someone else.

You hang up. You could’ve said “Like I care” or “Like I really still want to talk to you?” or “Get lost you jerkwod!” Plenty of things, more dramatic, more fitting to go with slamming the phone after you’ve said the line. But no, you’ve lost your chance yet again. Gaaaaaaaahhhhh! When will this silliness end?!

Orange Git at 5:04 PM


26 April 2007

No Fair

I can normally take a sufficient amount of whining. I can’t deny that I’m not a whiner myself. But when you try not to but someone else is, it’s annoying. And when you know that there’s very little basis for the whining, it’s even more irritating

At the office:

You just got back from a meeting… sit quietly on your desk thinking what to do next. You try to ignore the grunts of your office friend since she did send you to that meeting to “cover” for her.

Friend: Ok I’m done (whatever it is she’s been busy with). God, I need a break! *hugh sigh* (like sitting on your desk, organizing whatever it is can really be a huge back-breaking task)

You still ignore her. She stands up, continues her tirade.

Friend: I am so tired. My brain is dead.

What can possibly make her brain dead?

Friend: I need to go home. Ugh! I’m drained. I need to rest.

Duh! Like I didn’t spend half a day in a meeting she was supposed to go to. Like I’m not involved in the project she’s doing.

There are so many things to complain about. I don’t even want to start. I may never finish. But please, a little bit of sensitivity here. We’re all in the same boat. We’re all equally tired, equally lost. So again, please.

Orange Git at 1:15 PM


18 April 2007

A Very Brief and More Than Welcome Italian Distraction

I should have trusted my instincts, should have ever. I looked at my camera this morning and decided against bringing it to work. Big mistake, huge! Of course work is work but when there are pretty distractions to help get you through the day, you can't help but have a stupid wide grin off your face.

Me and my boss ended up taking care of four diplomats from various European countries. And surprise surprise, they were all good looking. It was like Il Divo came to town and decided to disguise as diplomats. My boss conveniently left her card and so suggested that I give mine to one of them. I giddily gave mine and wrote my mobile number since he needed to get in touch with us.

A few handshakes and very brief attempts at conversations later, my phone rings. It's him. I recognize the accent and I just love him saying my name. I dragged myself out of our work room to talk to him better. My knees were getting weak, I could feel my cheeks blushing. It's the accent, it's driving me crazy! Of course now that I look back and replay the phone call, it was all official business. But hey, who doesn't go giddy when a gorgeous guy you're attracted to calls you?

I'm back to reality. Brief as it was, it certainly made my day so much more pleasant. These are the days I forget I have life issues. Ahluvit.

Orange Git at 4:56 PM


15 April 2007

In limbo...

Yes, everyday is limbo day. I've been comfortably living in limbo for the past couple of years. I know I should be worried. I should be panicking. But I'm somehow not. I'm depressed as hell but strangely I'm not scared at the thought that I don't know where I'll end up after a month. I'm crazy, I know.

I'm looking forward to my friend's wedding, apartment's 10th anniversary shebang in Baguio in May, a possible visit from someone special a few months from now. Otherwise, my whole existence is blah with a capital B.

Orange Git at 10:18 PM


11 April 2007

Boracay Overload

I like my Boracay when I can actually see water and sand, when I don't have to wrestle for a spot on the beach, when I can just have peace and quiet. That's the way I like it. Some photos to share of this year's beach trip.

Just goes to show that not all pretty food actually taste good. We went to the Lemon Cafe and I ordered the turkey breast with apple celery mayo sandwich. Sounds tasty, right? Not! The sandwich, which was the best tasting of all the food that we ordered, tasted quite bland. I had to finish the sandwich because it was quite pricey. The saving grace of the dish, the potato chips. How can you go wrong with potato chips?

Mongolian grill at Summer Place is a classic Boracay meal. I always ask the waitresses to mix the numerous seasonings available. If I leave it up to me to season the meat and veggies, it would be inedible

I've been in love with the Shawarma at Cafe Del Mar since I was introduced to it during my first trip to Boracay. The spicy sauce and filling beef and veggies is good enough for lunch. Their mango shake is best to wash down this spicy treat.

And the best and cheapest meal of all... The chori burger for only P40. Best buy ever! It looks like roadkill but it tastes divine. Such a contrast to the bland tasting sandwich up there. Basic bread and chorizo grilled to crisp with spicy sauce. This is my idea of heaven.

Chillout Bar. Lounge chairs on the beach, accoustic music by a diva guitar player who doesn't want to sing our requests, semi-cutie looking men who can pass as eye candy for the night and most importantly, booze. We're there! And as a bonus, they even have a waiter cum fire dancer. I don't know if he wanted to burn his clients but he was really quite close to us so we had to stand up and move further away from him, much further. The chairs in the picture are evidence to how close he was to us when he started dancing.

Stalking Paolo Paraiso at Jonah's. We must have seen this dude more than four times. He started looking quite freaked out the third time we saw him. Excuse me, we weren't stalking him We'd like to think he was stalking us.. hmmm..

The always pretty sand castles. For only a "donation" that starts at P20, you can have your picture taken in front of it. If you're too nuts in love with your boyfriend or girlfriend, it only takes P120 for the manong to write your names on the bottom part of the sand castle and then you may do all the mushy and cheezy poses you want with your partner. Please, spare me!

Wait a minute, where's the beach? I can't talk about Boracay and not show the beach.

There.. much better..

Take your pick, the always hypnotizing Boracay sunset

This is beach life. When you have nothing to do but take plenty of pictures, some of them quite silly like this one, but who cares. Take too many pictures that fill your memory card to the brim. Lounge on a hammock, pretend to read when you're really taking a nap, roll on the white sand. You're on vacation, it's summer, you have the license to go crazy.

Orange Git at 4:41 PM


04 April 2007


God I hope I made the right decision. Declining a job offer is like breaking up with someone. I think. hehe. You have to find the right words to soften the blow.

I refused it for several reasons of which I will keep to myself. I hope the right job is still out there for me. I'm trusting my gut feel this time. I felt unsure about this one. Gaaaaaaahhhhhh!! Any development agency willing to adopt me?!

Orange Git at 11:03 AM