29 May 2007


Getting stranded in a mall while it's raining (no actually, pouring) outside may seem fine but when you're alone and have pretty much accomplished what you needed to do, it is hell! Some things I realized while I waited for the rain to stop.

As much as I love de-stressing at the mall, I can only take so much of it. By the third hour, I was ready to weep because I wanted to go home so badly.

Not having a car sucks big time. These are the times you question yourself, your parents and pretty much every living creature on why you were not blessed with your own mode of transportation. It could have been so easy to get home. No need to compete with the impatient and cranky commuters.

I love big bags but it is osteoporosis-enducing. My shoulders hurt, my back hurts. But I still can't give it up.

I hate seeing mushy couples. Maybe it's because it's my second day. Maybe it's because I'm extra cranky from being stranded. But I hate baby talk. I hate them saying mushy stuff to each other.

Jeez I'm on bitch mode. And whining mode. Not good...

Orange Git at 10:46 PM