23 February 2007

Going Down.. Down... Down

I should never allow myself to think that everything can be smooth sailing. I was so high and happy last week and now I feel like I'm paying for that indulgence.

My godfather died of a heart attack. I don't know why I felt sad when my mom told me the news. He was one of those people who never did anything right. He was a grand dreamer but never realized any of his dreams. My friend said it's sad that he never was able to redeem himself. That his sudden passing left things hanging for him. We mourn his loss in our lives. No more cooky weirdo Ninong telling us that this is doable, that he can fly to the moon and back... I hope his passing does one thing he never could do when he alive, bring his family together.

My boss is planning to jump ship. She's been planning to do this for quite sometime but it's more real now. We feel it. It's getting really difficult to get things moving workwise these days. It's hard to deal with stubborness and increased bursts of temper. The system that's been working for the past couple of years do not apply anymore. We are unsure as to what we can and cannot do. I feel like we're being fed to the lions. I don't mind being swamped with work. I would welcome it if that's the case. But I can't take heightened sensitivities and diva behavior. It's such a disincentive to work. I know that the end is near. But this is not the ending I envisioned. I'm proud of what we have achieved at work, the very close personal ties we've established. I don't want things to get ugly before we move on. That's why moving on is not just an option now, it's a must.

To make this week even more worse, I received an unwanted comment from someone this morning that just ruined my day. Why can't we just be left alone? It's been too long. Is our coping mechanism that low or even nonexistent that we are so unable to restrain ourselves from going back? Ugh! I don't need this. We don't need this.

It's been a very rough week. I have no motivation to go to work. My energy levels are so down that I can sleep for more than 12 hours straight. I don't want to eat. I feel like locking myself in one room for weeks. My friends occassionally provide distraction. A long lost and far away friend's comeback is enough to make me smile these days. But even then, I'm scared to focus on those small joys since they might be taken away again suddenly.

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16 February 2007


A lot of bloggers have been writing about surviving Vday. I did not survive it, I immersed myself in it.

I never realized it until I broke it, but I’ve somehow managed to have a Valentine’s Day ritual. Picnic lunch at the park with officemates, then dinner and sappy movie marathon amidst lovey-dovey couples with my roomies. So I can’t really claim that Vday is just like any other day as I'd like to.

This time however, I had to go out of town to attend Cacay’s brother’s wedding. It was a fun, light and unconventional wedding. The theme was 1920’s. I attempted to wear a flapper dress but it wasn’t meant to be.

Tagaytay’s unforgiving cold weather made my voice hoarse. But it was a nice way of spending the day out of Makati where I heard nightmare stories of traffic jams and overflowing restos. Countless photos taken with friends. A chance to mingle with old friends, to meet new people and just to humor the whole bunch of them when they tried to fix me with someone.

To Dion and Steph, Cheers! Here’s to a life full love and togetherness.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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09 February 2007

Strong Opinions From An "Authority Figure"?

Man, I'm looking for trouble. I think going to numerous commentary-based blogs fueled this. But what the hell. I've been wanting to rant about this guy for so long.

This is in reaction to an article I read on Soompi titled "Producer Blasts Korean Nationalism." Park Jin Young apparently spoke about what he thought of Korean nationalism as it relates to entertainment. I'm not an authority figure on entertainment and national pride, neither am I Korean, but I just don't buy what he said. And a lot of the posters at the forum completely agreed and supported his opinion. Why? They said he had good points. What are those? Or maybe because again, he's the man behind Rain's success that's why they just suck it all up. But I can't. So excuse me if I allow myself to digest what has been said and react objectively.

It's very hypocritical to bash a concept that works and that allows you to make exorbitant amounts of money. Park Jin Young's team is extremely milking Rain's popularity. I was aghast when I was asked to pay around P5,000 to join Rain's fan club online. They said I'll get a plastic card that declares I'm officially part of the fan club and the promise that I will get freebies if and when a promo comes up. Did I register? Hell no! I have more uses for my P5,000, thank you very much. And do I really have to "register" to adore an artist? C'mon. And that's not where it ends. Countless expensive merchandise on anything of Rain, you'd think you'd be stupid to buy them but still, people save good money to be able to afford them. I myself rarely buy original CDs but I buy Rain's albums! My friends think I'm crazy! So for JYP to come out and say that he doesn't understand why Hallyu is the banner of the Korean entertainment industry when he is benefitting from it is just pure bull! And let me just add that Hallyu is an effort of various entertainment figures, not just Rain. He may be one of those on top of it but it's very arrogant to assume that he made Hallyu.

Hallyu is a brand. Similar to that of Bollywood, which has quite a following overseas as well. I admire Koreans for their strong sense of nationalism, although sometimes it does become a bit extreme. But it's not something to be ashamed of or to completely trash. I live in a country where nationalistic pride is vague and sometimes forgotten. So to see a country that prides itself on what it can produce and proactively promote it worldwide is commendable. JYP's suggesting that Koreans "overcome nationalism" because they're being criticized for it. I ask him, what kind of identity does he want Koreans to adopt since he wants them to "overcome nationalism"? He's not just speaking against Hallyu but also against the entire culture. When Asians try so hard to be recognized for their unique heritage, he has the gall to tell people to chuck them all.

The article also says that he will speak on a Hallyu Dialogue in Harvard University. We know what he's going to say in that dialogue. He should seriously consider this too, "overcome arrogance." Nuff said.

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08 February 2007

50 Things You Learn From Korean Dramas

I got this from Shen Yue, a blogger on K-pop. I enjoyed the post so much that I decided to put it here too. Just in case she passes by here, I'd like to let her know that I find most of her posts funny. As can be observed by my blog, I'm one of those billions of Rain fans. But I don't find her Rain posts offensive. In fact, I find it refreshing that finally I found someone who doesn't think Rain's all that. I get sick sometimes of all those oh so adoring posts. It's tiring to read sometimes.
Anyway, I digress. Here it is

50 Things You Learn From Korean Dramas
1) Hot, rich, younger men love fat, older vulgar women.
2) If you have a best guy friend, he is in love with you. And secretly you are too
3) You and your boyfriend will always playfully chase each other on an ice rink, at the beach, or in the leaves. And you’ll laugh for no reason and your boyfriend will hit you “playfully” but the force of his push will have you flying across the room. But it’s okay. Cuz you’re still laughing like a crazy person.
4) Brothers/cousin/uncles-newphews will always love the same girl
5) You’re allowed to make u-turns wherever you want in Korea. And there is never traffic on the side you want to u-turn to.
6) There is a super quick payment device that allows you to pay a bill quickly enough for a guy to run immediately out of a restaurant after his angry girlfriend storms out.
7) Everyone has cancer. and If you’re sick, all you need is an IV to make you feel lots better. -- so reminiscent of Daniel Henney screaming exaggeratedly "She has AGC!!! Advanced Gastric Cancer!!!"
--- Hmmm... there's no 8?
9) There is vomit and urine all over Seoul at nights.
10) Fighting at a pojangmacha with a random stranger is merely part of a normal night’s event.
11) Soju must cost 10 cents. Everyone drinks it everyday all the time, especially the poor people.
12) If you’re rich, you’re a jerk.
13) If you’re poor, you’re an angel.
14) Women sleep and wake up with a full set of makeup on.
15) You’re not studying hard enough unless you get a nosebleed.
16) If you have a nosebleed, you most definately have cancer. And you have no money to pay for the surgery that will save your life. And your liver is missing. We’re not sure where it went, but it’s making your cancer progress faster.
17) If you work in a sool jeep, you have massively curly hair and wear flashy colors from the early 90’s.
18) You always order orange juice or coffee at a cafe. And you never drink it. EVER. (they drink almost as much as soju)
19) You will always call your boyfriend by his job title. Or simply sunbaenim. Never his name. Never. He doesn’t have one.
20) If you TRULY love each other, you must die together in the end. Frozen outside instead of finding shelter like sane people. Just frozen…. --- and arms around each other like that will help keep both of you warm and save your lives, seriously.
21) You go to America you come back miraculously successful. You go to England you come back amazingly fashionable. You stay in Korea and the only thing that changes is your hairstyle.
22) And if you come back with no apparent reason then it’s because you have cancer.
23) Everyone always goes to the same hospital no matter where they are.
24) If you stand out in the rain for more than five minutes, you’ll end up with a fever and vertigo and people will rush you to the hospital to get some magic IV. And instead of taking an ambulance or driving they’ll race you on their back.
25) Even if you’re poor and can’t eat, you never wear the same clothes twice.
26) If you play a poor kid, you always have dirt on your face and your hair is always messy.
27) If you’re saving someone from being hit from a car, you’ll push them out of the way and wait for the car to hit you instead. Couldn’t be more true, they’re like a deer in headlights
28) Everyone has a long lost sister/brother/twin. Usually one they didn’t know about
29) If you don’t want to answer your phone, you can’t just turn it off. The battery needs to be taken out. --- and you have to throw the battery, you can throw the phone too
30) All korean men can drink hard, smoke long, sing well and play piano. Usually all at the same time. And at the same restaurant that has a piano that they let anyone use.
31) If you’re in a relationship, you must at one point leave and have your lover tearfully come RIGHT before you board the plane (vice versa applies as well. You can be the chaser). 60% of the time you see each other, the other 40% you’re roaming around in circles and pass each other about six times, but miraculously never see them.
32) If you’re getting off a plane, you’re ALWAYS wearing sunglasses. ALWAYS.
33) All guys wear hideous tracksuits zipped up to their neck. Even if all they’re doing is jumproping.
34) Girls will always storm off because they’re mad and the guy will stoically grab them by the arm and swing them back- and by magic, not dislocate their shoulders. --- Cariño brutal, I lhuv it!
35) Guys always look like they’re 6 feet tall, even if they’re only 5′10. Thank you camera angles.
36) Guys like to wear foundation, eyeliner and sometimes a smudge of lipliner.
37) You always get stuck in an elevator with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Even if there are six different elevators, you’ll always be stuck in the same one with that bastard you hate (or just fought with).
38) Unless you’re fabulously rich, your in-laws will always hate you
39) So will your sister-in-law.
40) Your brother-in-law might be pining away for you.
41) There are only 2 ways to kiss. You either press your lips against theirs with your mouth completely shut, and just press away for a very long and uncomfortable time. OR you devour the other person and suck out their soul. In both instances, the world spins.
42) A guy will always get the right size ring, even if you’ve never held hands.
43) People stare off into space and ponder a lot. They’ll just stop in the middle of the road and watch a leaf on a tree for a good three minutes, and just ponder.
44) You’ll get pregnant the first time you have sex.
45) You’ll get pregnant if he kisses you on the forehead.
46) Hell- you’ll get pregnant if you hold hands.
47) If you overcome great obstacles to be together, one of you must die. Probably due to cancer.
48) One korean man can kick the butts of 6 gangstas. Especially when they all stand in a circle and attack the guy one by one. Then when each of them get their butts OWNED, they wise up and attack the guy at the same time. Then the guy will get pulverized and bleed out onto the dusty concrete floor of the empty warehouse they’ve found to fight in. There will be a fire in a trashcan somewhere. And the girl will have watched this the entire time, screaming in horror. Instead of calling 911, she’ll just watch and cry. But it’s okay. Cuz the next day the guy will be fine with a few random bandages and a few face scars. But never a black eye.
49) It ain’t a real fight unless the gangstas fight dirty with a stick or switchblade.
50) If you study in the states (perferably Harvard), you are one of the top students and can speak perfect English (as assumed by the reactions of those around you). Why the rest of the world OUTSIDE of the TV can’t understand a single word uttered out of your melodramatic mouth is beyond me.

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For Lack Of Anything To Post

Was thinking of posting a tag post of some kind. But I got this from my friend and it actually made me cringe and laugh at the same time. I've been getting a lot of these on texts and they are hilarous. But if anyone comes up to me and delivers these lines, I'd probably have a laughing fit and then barf.

Crazy Pick-up Lines

1. Uy picture tayo!!
*** para ma-develop tayo!!

2. Kung ikaw ay bola at ako ang player, mashushoot ba kita??
*** hinde,
kasi lagi kita mamimiss..

3. Exam ka ba??
*** gustong gusto na kasi kitang i-take home eh!!

4. Miss pwede ba kita maging driver??
*** para ikaw na magpapatakbo ng buhay ko..

5. Pinaglihi ka ba sa keyboard??
*** kasi type kita..

6. Naniniwala ka ba sa love at first sight??
*** O gusto mong dumaan ulit ako??

7. Hey, did you fart??
*** coz you blew me away!!

8. Sana "T" na lang ako..
*** para i'm always right next to "U"

9. Are you Jamaican??
*** kasi Ja-maican me crazy!!

10. Ako ay isang exam...

*** kaya sagutin mo na ako...

11. Grabe nakakatawa yung mga pick-up lines noh?? hahaha!

May alam ka pa bang iba?? Wala na akong maisip eh..
*** kundi ikaw..

Orange Git at 10:54 AM