27 September 2006

Some Quirky Korean Customs

I read this at one of the forums I go to. I love Koreans and I'm fascinated with their culture but reading some of thier customs makes me realize that I can never survive in Korea. Here's 12 customs.

1. When Koreans lift their glass to drink any alcoholic beverage with someone senior, they always turn to one side.
2. If a Korean's glass is empty they pass the bottle to the person sitting with them. (In Korean culture it is frowned upon to pour yourself a glass; the proper etiquette is pouring for each other.)
3. Koreans are already putting the next bite of food in their mouths before they finished chewing the last bit.
4. Koreans use chopsticks for the side dishes but spoons for rice and soup.
5. If a Koreans suffer indigestion after meals, they treat it by pricking their fingers with needles. (This is an old folk remedy.)

6. Elderly Koreans often say, "Now that I've reached old age, I see every eyesore." (read: "My goodness, times have changed," "Where's the world heading?" etc.)
7. Korean women often resort to hair-pulling when fighting.
8. When someone hits a subordinate, it is always on the head, and most often across the back of the head.
9. The wealthy have contempt for those without, and those on the lower rungs kiss the feet of their superiors. Korean society treats the wealthy and the poor completely differently.
10. If you go into a house you must take off your shoes.
11. After sleeping, the blankets and pillows go in the closet. If Koreans go into a room, they always shut the windows and doors.
12. Many marriages are arranged for expediency or convenience.

Source: http://english.chosun.com/w21data/html/news/200609/200609180026.html

Orange Git at 3:45 PM


25 September 2006

Role Playing

Sometimes you find yourself in weird, out of body situations, that you just want to laugh and say, “What the hell are you doing here?”

Your friend wanted you to accompany her to a gown-fitting for an upcoming wedding. She needed a second opinion, so she says. Off you go to this exclusive village in Makati to the designer’s house.

Enter quintessential gay designer. In fairness, he was very warm and nice, none of the artsy air that usually comes with the designer package. He ushers you and your friend to his studio and lets your friend fit the lining of the dress. The conversation morphs into semi intelligible gasps and oohhhsss. It’s funny but strangely, you just ride with the conversation.

Gay guy: See how nice it falls, oh! It’s perfect in the back! Perfect! See ate? (motions to the girl holding all the pins) Ang ganda ng bagsak!
(made me wonder if all gay guys really end their sentences in various versions of exclamation points)
Friend: I brought my shoes.
Gay Guy: Oh! Wear it!
(friend shows the shoes)
Gay Guy: Ay how gorgeous! But is that the color that the bride wants?
Friend: Well, she said I can wear any color I want. I didn’t really want to go with the other one.
Gay Guy: It’s lovely! Oh! It goes with the broche that we made for the dress!
Friend: Really-ah? That’s great! See! I chose the perfect shoe!

You feel useless so you stand up, start touching the fabric and give all sorts of comments, some valid, some just for the sake of giving comments. Ate starts folding the hemline and shows you if the length is right. You still feel unutilized so you tell her it’s ok. Then your friend decides to show off her vintage purse. You thought the situation couldn’t get any more funnier, but it gets worse.

Gay guy: Oh, how beautiful! And it’s so heavy! Pwedeng pang pukpok!

He starts strutting with the purse, like he’s posing on some red carpet in Hollywood, waving to an imaginary crowd.

Gay guy: It’s nice, noh? Pero you can’t put anything in it. Ang liit! Mas malaki pa ang cell phone! Kaya dapat meron kang alalay that you can call… “Yaya! Where’s my cell phone! Yaya!” This really looks old, ah! Was it passed down to from your lola to your mom?
Friend: Noh, my lola gave it to me. But there are a few missing stones oh, look.
Gay Guy: Ay oo, but that’s easy to replace. Ay! Vintage talaga!

You just watch what’s going on, you don’t even dare contribute to the conversation for fear of being sucked into their gushing pit. You walk out of the house with a silly smile, thinking how you can fool others into believing you’re actually interested.

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17 September 2006

I'm Here

Why does everyone else’s life seem so complicated than mine? It’s a very arrogant and selfish admission, but it’s true. Dear Lord, I’m not asking for complications. In fact, thank you for sparing me. Hearing about problems and difficulties of friends makes me so very grateful that I’ve lived a fairly easy and uncomplicated life. And I do know that I can't handle complications that well either.

Of my entire 26 years as a human being, I’ve listened to a lot of experiences. I’ve never gone through them myself but hearing about them makes me feel that I have. I don’t know how, but I can somehow empathize with my friends. I feel a tinge of the pain that they’re going through.

A certain level of comfort, which is really just being there as a soundboard, is all I can give. Consistent company and an ear is all I can provide. Maybe that’s my function, my purpose. To listen to those who need to release frustrations, to say “I support you” when needed, to be just the overall “I’m here” person.

It’s easier said than done. Challenging yes… doable, we'll see.

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12 September 2006

Weatherman vs Cockroach

Found this really funny

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07 September 2006


Whining time...

I dreamt of him this morning. It was a very light, nonsense dream of us just being us, hanging out as always. But why does he have to show up in my dreams? When I'm trying so hard to get him out of my system. The cosmos seems to be conspiring against me. Tempting me to keep him in my consciousness even when there's nothing to hope for. I wish I can just make him disappear for a while, to clear my many demons. One thing to describe this whole thing with him, disappointing. And I detest being disappointed above all.

An old friend whose presence I've always found comforting now drives me crazy. It's mean, but I look forward to the days when I don't talk to her. Talk seems so superficial, so shallow. Is this all that we can talk about? Her "so-called" problems? She's my friend, we've been through a lot, experienced so much together. So why do I think this way now?

I probably need time away from work. To use my friend's favorite sentence, "My mind is on vacation mode." But it's not on vacation mode. It's on lazy and exasperated mode. I've been thinking a lot about moving on but taking the first step, for some reason, seems so hard. I've been quite lost for a few years. Time to shape up and act like a responsible adult.

The only highlight to my day is when i get home and I have my old trusted friends to talk to, to de-stress, de-office. I've neglected them recently. Exchanged their always present company for someone I thought would break the monotony of my so-called independent life. I know I've let them down, probably even disappointed them. I can't take it back. And I can't promise that I'll do better next time. I don't want to let them down again with empty promises. But like the good friends that they are, they welcomed me back, slightly changed and even more jaded. I'm ever greatful for the countless times they've brought me back to me.

This year, so far, has been quite a ride. I thought it would be uneventful, usual, boring. It's turning out to be quite the opposite.

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06 September 2006

A brand new start
hopefully a better perspective
back to my old independent self

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